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Creating passion & energy at mid-career

energising the nations professionals

Energising the nation's professionals


What we do

MidPerform uses a coaching model developed specifically for those around the middle of the working life. 

Whilst the age this is reached can vary amongst individuals the feelings that it evokes are consistent; typified by a feeling of ‘is this it’ and a longing to do more. 

You will see how our range of fun, positive and interactive interventions help the user to reflect, review and reenergise and regain the sparkle in their professional lives.

We offer development  tailored specifically to this stage of life/career.

There are two options:

1. Individual coaching 

2. Group training programmes

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About us

We love working and always have done; but like everyone we have had our moments of doubt and fatigue during  our careers. 

MidPerform is about energising yourself, your team or others so they can positively embrace what they are doing and this stage of career/life.

All of our career transition experts are qualified, accredited coaches to ensure quality and creating a positive difference.

We have many years of running engaging workshops on career transition from early career to senior global leaders; managing thousands of people in similar positions. 

This is such a common need and it’s easily addressed with the right expertise, empathy and drive to support positive change in others: it’s our passion and we love it!

This process works and is a crucial investment for us all.


What the solution?

Two easy options:

1. Individual coaching with a qualified, professional coach. Led by our careers coaching head, Kirsty Brooks who has a Masters in coaching, all of our career transition experts are qualified, accredited coaches to ensure your people are in the right hands.

2. Group workshops: With our unique mid-career coaching model we use the metaphor of travel and adventure to create a fun and interactive learning experience.

All participants gain access to our online mid-career coaching tools and exercises. Try our fun and innovative development flight plan here

some background...

What are the potential issues in mid-career?

Whilst this isn't an exhaustive list you may be experiencing some of these symptoms:

·  You've started questioning whether you want to continue in your field, or do something entirely new.

·  You feel unhappy, unmotivated or discontented.

·  You feel unfulfilled.

·  You're less productive and efficient.

·  You look for excuses to take a day off.

·  You feel stressed, burned out or even depressed.

What do companies do?

Let's be honest, the feelings above happen to almost of all of us at some point in our career. 

However, the vast majority of organisations ignore the specific factors that appear at mid-career which make employees less likely to approach the subject. Ring us for a non-obligation discussion on ways to address this extremely common need.

What next?

We are passionate about this subject and creating innovative solutions for individuals and companies alike. 

No pressure, no hard sell; just give us a call to discuss your current needs and see what the best solution is for you or your organisation.

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Three options for midPerform

1-2-1 coaching


One-to-one coaching with qualified and accredited career coaches to get the most from your mid-career and future aspirations.

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Using the MidPerform coaching model we create fun, innovative and interactive group training programmes suitable across all levels.

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Free online material


See our fantastic online resources specifically designed for mid-career professionals based on locations around the world.

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